I’m not really new to blogging,  I have read and followed quite a few,  but, I’m now determined to venture out into the wild word, and hopefully resolve some issues that bug my brain.  I’ve always been a strong believer in the phrase “a problem shared is a problem halved”.    Wise words from another person can help point out the good the bad, the flaws and the perfections – those things that you might overlook in the heat of the moment.

I do, or did, have a different media of blogging, and stumbled across wordpress  the other day purely from catching up with a work colleague who is a very very keen blogger! You know who you are!!!  and if your reading this between the hours of 10-4, shouldn’t you be working on that pile of reviews I left on your desk!

I’ve chosen a simple format to blog with,  not sure if I will advance to uploading pictures or images.  Think I’m probably better off just typing to get my point across.

Work is a varied and long day, so not sure when I will be able to do this, but my faithful little laptop is always near and hopefully when travelling on trains, instead of staring at rolling countryside and falling asleep hypnotically – I can keep myself awake by putting the world to rights!