a temporary goodbye,

Im leaving my part time care assistant/companion job in the uk, (I know I hadnt mentioned that side of my life, but looking after elderly people who are waiting for the inevitable can get you down), and taking my foody finding work up in Naples. Have saved up quite well, I had an idea I may need to ‘flit’ at some point, but had hoped things would work out.

lots of family distress, and work problems have happened so Im taking myself off to save my sanity. working as a live in companion for has been the life saver that kept my partnership going as when we were reunited things were good and happy, but as time has gone on, we have less in common and found that a separation may be a an idea. we can pursue our own interests and review our lives at the end of our joint separation. Both still adore each other, but neither of us are happy.

I will miss my friends, and wont have computer access, but a friend in the uk has promised to update any blogs for me if i send an email text. my phone isnt capable of using websites.

Hoping to finish my writing book, which Ive been writing for years, and as this is my last tea break in work, we’ve decided to go the whole pig and have chocolate biscuits.

Good new is ive finally cracked the giving up smoking!!! had an elecric cigarette then patches and all well and done, no more cravings, am very impressed with myself! just wish i had done that years ago!

So sat in the office of this fine house, wondering if I will be back, Ive spent quite some time here this year, but feel its time to move on. I have made great friends with other people who work here, and in the publishing side of my life, but juggling two jobs, living away from home far too much has taken its toll.

will be back soon, if by proxy for now!

just one farewell to my good friends, sorry for tying up the laptop and computer in work for my rantings, when my own laptop decided to go on strike – several times a day!

Denise (Poppy)