Well its been a long time since my last visit to wordpress and a lot has gone on since my last blog, Ive had a good few months travelling Europe as a companion, and started life as a single person, feeling quite liberated after a strange few months, (for which the reason became apparent during divorce meetings – another person was involved).

My Hubby, (soon to be ex) and I are now even better friends and its a shame that this has happened, but we had grown apart, he met someone else, they have now split up but she was the catalyst and a conniving one at that.  Will blog more about this at another time, but she was a former friend of mine who had taken an insane dislike to me and decided in her own spiteful frame of mind to seduce my husband.  We had hit a weak point in our marriage due to both of us working and living apart from each other, so he was prime for the taking as he said.

Since my trip away, we have both communicated by email, which has helped immensely. We’ve found it therapeutic, and discovered that although no longer in love with each other, we do love and care for each other deeply. This Woman who interfered caused me more rage and anger at her vile treatment to my husband once she had separated us, than she caused by making us separate!

But that’s another blog for another day.

I’m very happy in myself, I’m still working on occasion as a Caring Companion to 3 ladies, all of whom relay fascinating tales of their younger pre and post war days as daring damsels being chased by GI’s or Debutantes making their way into Society, how the rich lived in by gone days of Glamour!

This is just a short blog that I’m posting, as I’ve lots to catch up on.  I’ve got to get back on track with the Foody writing, Now my heads cleared I should soon be thinking of ways to diet from all my sampling of good foods!

Bye for now friends