Uh Oh

Uh Oh (Photo credit: stromnessdundee)

Just a quick apology to my followers,  Ive had to slow up on my blogging, due to recent events, am temping at the live in care work for a few weeks, so only have a 2 hour break per day, (work the other 22)  which means I dont have a chance to comment on my friends blogs, but I am trying to read them.  I need the time to contemplate to add a constructive comment sometimes without sounding like im an idiot!  Hopefully when I get my self a decent new laptop (a cup of coffee made its home within the workings of my last one!)   then I can sit and read, but for now, we have a communal laptop/computer  which time is limited on.

I will return to full form hopefully soon.  thanks for your patience and all your lovely comments and emails of support to me,  they are appreciated,  it has been an emotional rollercoaster and I have been guilty of immersing myself into work  to get through the day without thinking and so that when the night comes I am completley ready for sleep without ear worms reminding me of my failures.

Thankyou once again for helping me so much