cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and co...

cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and cocoa powder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter how much you want a day off, you will always be in demand when you have a dog!  Was so looking forward to catching up on household chores, (yes really I was, find it relaxes me to tidy up!),  looked at the rain outside, thought hmm could spend the afternoon making batches of soup, or baking cakes,  but no, Mr Woof has decided its walk time.

I tried to ignore him just a but longer hoping Mr Poppy would be home in time to take him, (Urgent case of GolfTeesers occured – he just HAD to be there to help!),  anyway, tried to pretend it is earlier than it is, but Mr Woof has a built in clock.  So much so as a subtle hint he’s dragged in my muddy wellies from the store and promptly dumped them on the new carpet.

So Out I go in a few minutes, I know we will both be soaked,  the house will stink of damp dog, and the machine will be filled with sopping hairy muddy dog towels used to clean up his coat.

Plus points however now out-weigh the negative ones,

Mr Woof loves the rain, so he will be happy,

I needed a hot shower anyway – so will have that when I get back in

Kitchen floor needed a mop

My PJ’s have just been laundered and smell lovely, as does my dressing gown.

Bought some new ‘summer’ slippers, they need road-testing

I have to taste test a Hot-chocolate with Chocolate spoon and write my review for work by the morning anyway 🙂

Looking forward to the hot-chocolate