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weather symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And I wish I was referring to a shopping trip to Monsoon the retailers!


Yet again a deluge of rain has landed on us, leaving our kitchen full of damp coats and soggy footwear, oh and a now smelly wet dog!


I have to apologise, friends, its my fault we are having this immense rainfall over a bank holiday week.  Its because I booked the week off,  bought lots of paint for the garden fence and some new garden furniture.  I made the mistake of ‘planning ahead’  and should have known full well that Mistress Fate does not like i when we make plans!!!!!


So have postponed my full week off an returned to work, which isnt too bad as I do work from home mostly, or travelling around the country looking for delicious foody samples.  I may even get some work done on my ‘My Foody Heaven’ blog – fingers crossed!


In the meantime, I will resolve never to plan outdoor decorating on a holiday again!!