When blogging should you divulge your real name, and location?

I think its fine when your blogging ventures are only seen by those who know you, but should you post your personal image for the world to see?  Do you know who is following you?  Are we secure and safe?

I link this with other social networks that are used by criminals to target and track a persons whereabouts. 

Would you walk into the center of the town with a placard hoisted above your head stating “My House is empty for the next 2 weeks as Im holidaying In Spain!”, I doubt anyone would do that,  but for some reason we cant wait to post on Facebook  that we are off on a jaunt and even add the dates and location,  some even are so addicted to these networks, they post live-time pictures and news feeds of themselves boarding the plane, the view out of the window,  and the apartment that will be there home for the duration. 

Im not saying we shouldn’t tell the world of our great adventures, but maybe wait until we are home. 

In my job its hard to hide your identity sometimes, and you have to have trust with those you meet. But while we become virtual best friends with strangers who we only encounter from a screen and keyboard, will we lower or guard in real life. 

Its quite a balancing act becoming a virtual friend without encouraging ‘something more’ ,  High School Reunions via social networks have been blamed for many divorces or affairs.  Is this just a rekindling of your youth and the spark you had as a teenager,  or do we really grow out of relationships and need something new?

I know I am still guarded, and still very happy at home.  I dont think I will ever be interested in a cyber Romance,  I prefer the real thing with the person Im with.