Cover of "Hero"

Cover of Hero

Ok then, just a little bit about me!

Work as Researcher in the Foody world, get to go out and about tasting lovely samples, finding great Farmers Markets,  New Chefs and Eateries.  Only downside to this amazing job is lots lots and lots of travel, being away from home is not good.

Best part is finding a great Food Hero, someone who champions everything that the countryside should be all about.

I have a wonderful coastal cottage, live with my partner and our dog,  there is a cat who lives with us but he has several other families that he likes to share his time with, usually in our house he likes to sleep on expensive jumpers.

Have a great family although our communications are spread across the world like a giant web. We do meet up when we can, and make a big effort to all be home with mum and dad for christmas,  even if on the odd occasion Christmas is held in June!