Sorry I haven’t been online for so long,   I damaged my laptop, and have only just got around to replacing it.  Plus Ive been busy getting back into my old routine,  all be it as a singleton.  So Ive had lots of jobs on the go.


Great news is for me that Ive got a chance to work in New York for 2 months, in an Editorial.  Its a foody one, so I will be in my element.  Its for a new magazine, so Im not allowed to mention names yet,  as the two months will be spent reasearching, writing and blogging articles,  finding restaurants, finding new chefs and restaurants and even street food!

One of the things im really looking forward to is Home Cooking part,  where I get to go with out to meet people in their own homes who have got great family history with food and great skills.  Again cant say too much, but hopefully this will take off and we can go global!


Will be back to add more later, but I just had to burst and write this, as I cant tell anyone, so this is the best alternative!