Im stuck in the motion – are rather no motion of getting anything done.  One of my rare days off so trying to catch up on all my emails blogs etc,  however the rain is pouring down and internet connection is playing up.

am currently in Hertforshire in a fantastic Victorian ‘cottage’  which is actually a mansion compared to my house.  Ive found an amazing antique bookshop in the local village – and Ive banned myself from it!  when your a mobile worker its not good to stock up with heavy tomes unless you have the carrying facilities!


Still looking for inspiration for my blogging,  I have lots of hand written notes on the tour of Europe we did last year, and the River Cruise which really was amazing!  (and it was work so I got paid!!!)  


What Im asking for fellow bloggers is this,  can you kick my butt into action and offer words of advice on how to get rid of a white screen and fill it with text! 


In bored desperation , your friend